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Collaborating to create mutual value


Unlocking the potential of NIL through data analytics and custom partnership opportunities


Building partnerships that promote student-athlete growth


Developing a launch point for student-athletes in both athletics and industry


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What you’re seeing is short-term thinking by a lot of desperate universities that are trying to throw donor money in buying players.

Wall Street Journal

Booster Collectives Shake Up Athlete Pay

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There’s a finite amount of money that can be brought in. When you have four collectives competing against each other for the same piece of the pie they will cannibalize themselves.

Phillip Stutts

Sr. Advisor - High Tide Traditions

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If I am a fan of a program, that's the kind of guy you want that is so focused on what is, as he said, it's here and it's not going anywhere.

Lance Taylor

The Next Round Live

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It is really hard to put your arms around "What is NIL?". It feels like there is no consensus. Phillip and HTT know what NIL is.

Luke Robinson

Locked on Bama

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Learn how High Tide Traditions collaborates as a collective with student athletes in all sports to create mutual value.

Ryan C. Fowler

Tide 100.9

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Phillip Stutts on The Paul Finebaum Show

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Phillip Stutts on The Paul Finebaum Show explains High Tide Traditions and how it will navigate the waters of NIL.

  • HTT on The Paul Finebaum Show
  • Phillip Stutts, Founder / CEO - Big Win Media
  • Senior Advisor to High Tide Traditions
  • How does the business maximize the potential for the student-athlete?

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High Tide Traditions was established to harness the power of Name, Image, and Likeness with student-athletes to make and propel positive business relationships across the city, state, region and nation. Through strategic partnerships utilizing data analytics, it is important to High Tide Traditions that student-athletes will be engaged in amplifying the exposure for our business partners through relatable and authentic content, appearances, and other mutually beneficial services.

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